Our Values


We work with the guidelines of law and ethics, not only within the corporation but also with all the corporations, organizations and people we are associated with. We pay attention to build a long term relationship that is based on mutual understanding, honesty and respect and that protects good intentions.


By paying attention to our social relationships; we fulfill our duty in informing the public within the framework of explicitness principles. We aim to create the decision making environment in our corporate structure at the utmost level and with explicitness. We aim to be always accurate and informative in our operations.

Being loyal

We see standing by each other with awareness of our mutual past, with loyalty and by being appropriative, showing understanding and supporting each other, as a part of our culture.

Social and Environmental Consciousness

We are a part and a participant member of the society and environment we live in. We respect civil society spirit and strive to improve efforts that avail socially and environmentally.

Being human oriented

We put humans to the centerline of creating work and value, and working with values. We see humans as a primary resource of the improvement and progression of corporate’s performance.

Giving priority to information

We mind and prioritize compiling and using facts and information that is reliable and objective in addition to instincts, emotions and experience on our decisions and actions. We see work and improvement as a whole and we focus on improvements that are new-based with fresh information and sight.