Increasing Employment
Supporting Women

In accordance with becoming one of the leading fresh fruit and fruit juice concentrate suppliers in Europe, we implement the best practices in the world in fruit growing. Our desire to offer new and much more sophisticated standards and sustainability to fruit growing in our ecosystem, brought us to the point in 2012 of establishing a new training center under the name of "Anadolu Etap AgroAcademy".

Following the cooperation agreement signed with the University of Florida in 2012, Anadolu Etap has been continuing to offer executive training in partnership with the Executive Development Center of Bilgi University as of 2013, and technical training in partnership with Ege University Department of Horticulture.

anadolu etap sosyal sorumluluk projeleri
anadolu etap sosyal sorumluluk projeleri
anadolu etap sosyal sorumluluk projeleri

70% of our employees working on our farms are women.

for All

As Anadolu Etap, we regard social, economic and environmental sustainability as one of our most important values in all of our activities. With the awareness that we have a responsibility to leave a better world for future generations, we are the first agricultural company in Turkey to publish the “Sustainable Agriculture Principles”. In keeping with these principles, we protect our natural resources, invest in our farmers and the children of our farmers.

As Anadolu Etap, we establish living spaces with high standards, providing all the infrastructure facilities in our farms so that seasonal agricultural workers can live under healthy and safe conditions. We regard seasonal agricultural workers as "guest farm workers".

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