Our vision is to become one of the leading fruit growers and fruit juice suppliers in Europe.


Healthy fruits for healthy generations.

People Oriented

We grow healthy fruits for healthy generations, and our fruits go though 600 different analyses before being marketed as fresh fruit or processed as fruit juice at our plants. We hold people at the centre of all our activities, from our orchards to our plants, employees to customers and consumers.

Reliability & Honesty

The entire cultivation process of our responsibly grown fruit is managed by an integrated ERP IT system. Our fruits are Responsibly Grown, sensitive to human beings, to nature and to land with international GlobalG.A.P and Turkish Good Agricultural Practices certificates.

In 2016, tests carried out by Ege University Department of Food Engineering at our farms and packaging plants, once again confirmed our fruit to be “residue safe”. Doal thus became the first brand in Turkey to hold this certification.

Social Responsibility

As Anadolu Etap, we carry out Responsibly Grown agriculture with the awareness that we have a social responsibility to leave a better world for future generations. We are working towards creating a sustainable ecosystem and producing healthy, quality products by making the best use of energy and water resources.

We have created a model of living and working conditions in our farms regarding the employment of seasonal agricultural workers. We are the first agricultural company that has a nursery school within the farms for the children of seasonal agricultural workers (MİÇO), which provides free and continuous education to an average of 155 children each year.

Anadolu Etap supports women entering the workforce, playing a full role in the economy and ensure that around 70% of all seasonal workers are women. We offer regular education at AgroAcademy in order to increase the number of qualified women.


As the very first agricultural company to publish the Sustainable Agriculture Principles in August 2014, we consider social, economic and environmental sustainability as the most important value in all our operations. By investing in agriculture and agriculture based industry, we are taking responsibility for the future generations and maintaining an ecological balance. We are supporting the needs of the future generations and the development of the regions in which we operate while preserving natural resources.

We invest in the land and our farmers and support our farmers and their children with education and scholarships. We are sustaining our mission of giving back to the land what we have earned from it.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Our journey started with our very first sapling on April 23, 2011, and now continues with 3.5 million trees on 2.500 HA of area. As Anadolu Etap, Turkey’s largest fruit and fruit processing company, we have kept our promise to our consumers with our brand.