Scientific studies and research predicts that the changing global climate, drought, a reduction in water resources and other factors will lead to a decline in food production globally in the coming years. On the other hand, rapid economic and population growth are also contributing to an increase in the consumption of global agricultural and food products.

This is why sustainability has become a major area of expertise all over the world. At Anadolu Etap, we go beyond researching, considering and talking about sustainability. On the path we have taken with the aim of establishing Turkey’s largest fruit growing and fruit juice production project and becoming a global supplier with integrated operations, we are making great efforts to protect life today and for the future, to meet the needs of the future generations without depleting natural resources and to establish a balance between mankind and nature. We are fulfilling our responsibility to the next generations by investing in agriculture and agriculture based industries, preserving the ecological balance and working with the slogan “healthy fruits for healthy generations”, with social, economic and environmental sustainability standing out as our primary value in all our activities. We came together with academicians, national and international NGOs and put together the “Anadolu Etap Sustainable Agriculture Principles”, which are based on the principles we have applied at our farms in the time since we planted our very first sapling on April 23, 2011. We are committed to continuing to implement our principles that we have made public today. It is our responsibility to leave a better world to future generations.

Sustainable Agriculture Principles

Sustainability Report