With its new organizational structure, Anadolu Etap asserts a stronger position in the export market

Anadolu Etap, Turkey's largest fresh fruit grower and fruit juice processor, will operate its operations under two distinct unit general directorates: "Plantation and Fresh Products" and "Fruit Juice." Handan Eren, who previously served as Anadolu Etap's Director of Financial Affairs, was appointed "General Manager of Plantation and Fresh Products" in the new structure, while Mutlu Ocak, who previously served as General Manager of Coca Cola İçecek Kyrgyzstan, was appointed "General Manager of Fruit Juice."

Anadolu Etap has decided to restructure company’s leadership organization with two General Managers; ‘’Fruit Juice’’ and ‘’Fresh Produce and Plantation’’. Handan Eren, who previously served as the company's Director of Financial Affairs was appointed as the "General Manager of Plantation and Fresh Products," while Mutlu Ocak, who previously served as the General Manager at Coca Cola İçecek Kyrgyzstan, was appointed as the "General Manager of Fruit Juice." In terms of the new management structure at Anadolu Etap, Anadolu Group  Agribusiness, Energy and Industry Group President Demir Şarman stated that the company has grown steadily since its establishment in 2010, both increasing its production capacity and expanding its operation network while maintaining high levels of product and service quality. Şarman stated that Anadolu Etap has become the largest producer of fresh fruit and fruit juice concentrate in Turkey today and said, “As Anadolu Etap, with the mission of Healthy Fruits for Healthy Generations, we are serving fresh fruit and fruit juice products to customers in over 65 countries across the globe, from Turkey to Europe, the United States, and the Far East. Our export rate has surpassed 70%. We decided to manage our organization as two distinct general directorates in order to improve the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers, as well as to focus our operations and make them more efficient, effective, and competitive."

Who is Handan Eren?

Appointed as the General Manager of "Plantation and Fresh Products" at Anadolu Etap, Handan Eren graduated from the Middle East Technical University's Department of Business Administration. Eren began her career in 1997 with Ernst & Young International and worked in various financial control positions until 2003. She worked at Kraft Gıda between 2003 and 2012 as Financial Controller, Customer Services and Logistics Control Manager (CEEMA Region), and Turkey Finance Manager. Eren joined Anadolu Etap in 2015 after serving as Finance and Corporate Services Director at Joker Stores, one of the Actera Group's companies, from 2012 to 2015. Eren, who has worked at Anadolu Etap as the Financial Affairs Director since 2015, has made a significant contribution to the company's expansion of operations and export network by actively participating in Anadolu Etap's firsts in the Turkish agricultural sector in the fields of production and investment. Eren, who began her duties as General Manager of Plantations and Fresh Products in October 2021, will continue to contribute to the company's growth by leading Anadolu Etap's fresh fruit operations, which serve both domestic and international markets with high quality standards.

Who is Mutlu Ocak?

Appointed as the General Manager of Fruit Juice at Anadolu Etap, Mutlu Ocak graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. Ocak earned a master's degree in engineering management from Old Dominion University and an MBA in computer science from the University of William and Mary in 2005. Ocak began his career as a Research Engineer at the German GKSS Research Institute. From 1998 to 2000, he worked at Arai Americas Inc as the Production Control and Planning Manager. Ocak joined the Anadolu Group family in 2008 with Coca-Cola İçecek after working as a Supply Chain Consultant at i2Technologies until 2003. He worked at Coca Cola İçecek as the Supply Planning Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Group Purchasing Director, and Supply Chain Director. Between 2019 and 2021, he served as the General Manager of Coca-Cola İçecek Kyrgyzstan, where he was a member of the leader team that contributed to the company's growth. With his supply chain, planning, and industry and management experience in the international beverage sector, Ocak has been appointed General Manager of Anadolu Etap Fruit Juice as of June 2021.