Many scientific researches and works foresee that; due to global climate change; food production will decrease over the years because of drought, decrease in water resources and other reasons. On the other hand, rapid economic growth and population growth are increasing the consumption of global farm and food products.

Therefore, sustainability has become a well-rounded specialization area on its own all over the world. We are doing more than making researches, evaluations and talking about sustainability at Anadolu Etap. On this journey we started with the goals to make Anadolu Etap Turkey’s the biggest fruit grower and fruit juice producer and a global supplier with integrated operations and we are trying to protect today’s and future’s life by balancing between human and nature and without consuming natural resources, in a way that makes providing the needs of next generations and developing regions we are active in possible. All our activities crystallize social, economic and environmental sustainability as our most important value. We maintain our responsibility to next generations by investing in agriculture and agriculture based industries, preserving ecological balance and working with the slogan “healthy fruit for healthy generations.” We put together our principles, which we have been practicing in our farms since our first sapling plantation in April 23th, 2011 to this day, by consulting governmental agencies, our shareholders, academicians, our employees, our suppliers and our customers and we put forth “Anadolu Etap Sustainable Agriculture Principles”. We are promising that we will implement the principles we are sharing today also in the times ahead. It is all of our responsibility to leave a more livable world for the next generations.