New Year Message From Our Ceo

New Year Message From Our Ceo


Dear Anadolu Etap Family,

As Anadolu Etap, Turkey’s largest fruit and fruit juice producer, we have come to the end of another year of continuous efforts to maintain and further our well-deserved place among the most important players in the agricultural industry of our country. First of all I would like to thank all of you individually for your tireless dedication.

In 2017, we have further expanded Turkey’s largest fruit project, the foundations of which were laid seven years ago. As we have grown, so has our contribution to Turkey’s economy. Following the opening of our Fruit Processing, Packing and Storage Facility in Balıkesir Gönen, one of the most modern facilities of its kind of Turkey, we opened our 3rd plant, which has a fruit processing capacity of 100 thousand tonnes annualy in Isparta with the personal attendance of our President, His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The amount of fruit we have processed in our plants has exceeded 200 thousand tonnes. The 350 million dollars of investment we have made in our business is the largest investment in this industry to date in Turkey. Our sales of fresh fruit, which we started with 5,000 tonnes in 2015, reached 50,000 tonnes in 2 years. The brand recognition of Doal, in a market where there is no brand concept, has reached 8% in 2 years. We are both proud and delighted with this. We have achieved a market share of 7 percent in 18 months with our banana operations, carried out together with the Chiquita brand of our Brazilian business partner, Cutrale Group.

We have reached 20.000 homes in a short period of just 4 months with our Doal Fruit Sugar, created as a brand new category and marketed as an alternative to those wishing to avoid refined sugar and its derivatives. Doal Fruit Sugar is also a great source of pride for us, having won first place in the “Inventors” category at “An-Idea” Festival, where Anadolu Group’s innovation program “An-Idea” selected the best projects of the year 2017.

This year we have added a new addition to our projects that we offer to MİÇOs; within the scope of Anadolu Efes Sports Club and Turkish Airlines Euroleague's social responsibility program "One Team", in June and July, we brought together MIÇOs with the Anadolu Efes Sports Club. 61 MİÇOs received training in personal skills, communication, team spirit, healthy nutrition, sports knowledge and sports culture within the scope of the 8 week program with Anadolu Efes.

We are bidding farewell to a successful 2017 with many awards. We have won a total of 7 awards, one of which is the Felis Grand Prize at the MediaCat Felis Awards, which guides the marketing communication sector in Turkey. As we leave this year behind, I congratulate each and every one of you, and offer my sincere appreciation. May the New Year bring happiness, health and peace to you, your family and loved-ones. I wish you all a happy new year, hoping for a 2018 filled with new projects, new achievements and new awards.
Happy New Year!
Kind Regards,
Demir Şarman