New Year Message From Our Ceo

General Manager Message

Dear our Partners and Colleagues,

In our journey since 2010 to cultivate healthy fruit that our children can consume, we continue to lead our industry as a manufacturer of Turkey's largest fruit grower and fruit juice processor.

As Anadolu Etap, our investments made in agriculture and food sector has reached 350 million dollars to date. Besides our 8 farms, 5 million of planted trees, 3 fruit juice plants and 1 fruit juice packaging site on an area of 3000 hectares, we invest in the future of the agricultural sector with our two R&D centers. As of 2019, we have reached approximately 300 thousand tons of fruit processing capacity and also, we have expanded the geography where we export our processed fruits. We export 65 percent of our products to approximately 60 countries in a wide geography extending from Europe to America and from Central Asia to the Far East.

As the first company in the agricultural sector that has published the Principles of Sustainable Agriculture and committed to carry out its operations within the framework of these principles, our most important values are social, economic and environmental sustainability.  Thanks to our various projects conducted in the light of these principles that are compatible with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we provide a sustainable working system from the farmers to producers and we support regional development and contribute to the life of the future.
We experience the pride of being the first agricultural company by developing a school and by providing continuous education in their own farms of the seasonal agricultural workers in Turkey via the MİÇO project. With our project started in 2015, we are glad to ensure that 900 children receive continuous education so far.

We have a large ecosystem with our factories and farms.  In order to have this ecosystem process in a perfect condition, we use innovative applications and modern technologies at every stage of our production processes and provide qualified, sustainable, and safe food production. With our motto “Sustainable agriculture for a sustainable future”, we aim to bring Agriculture 4.0 applications to our country.

Inspiration gained from Anadolu Group and Özgörkey Holding, which are very excited to invest in the agricultural sector, we are working with great eagerness for the development of agriculture and agro-industries in Turkey. As Anadolu Etap Family, we continue to contribute to the Turkish economy, agriculture, rural development and employment and to cultivate healthy fruits for healthy generations in the light of our sustainability principles. 

Kind Regards

Bahadır Açık
General Manager