CEO’s Message

Being established in collaboration with Anadolu Group, Özgörkey Holding and Brazil-based one of the world’s biggest orange juice producer Cutrale Group, we started this journey 6 years ago with setting big goals as Anadolu Etap.

We have worked with a great thrill to make Turkey’s biggest fruit growing and fruit juice producing project happen on our fruitful lands. We have made major investments in fruit juice, fresh fruit and plantation, which are the three unit works we have been carrying our activities on.

The aim of the plantation investment we made in 2010 was on one hand to meet the needs of raw material we have for our own plants, and on the other hand to meet the demand in fresh fruit industry. We planted our first sapling on April 23th, 2011 within the scope of our plantation works. Today, we have 3 million 5 thousand planted fruit trees in 5 different regions, at our farms on a 2.500 ha of land. We are foreseeing the number of our trees to be more than 4 million as of June 2016.

We cultivate 9 different fruits’ 150 different types such as, peach, nectarine and apple being in particular, pear, pomegranate, sour cherry, cherry, apricot and plum. There are hundreds of fruit types and classes in our trial farms.

As a result of our investments for fruit juice operations, our plants in Mersin and Denizli have reached their maximum fruit processing capacity. Having processed 160.000 tons of fruit in 2015, we became a company that is able to serve its customers in a wide area ranging from America to Japan.

In the period of time since our establishment until now, we have covered a lot of ground in the direction of our goals. We take the pride in being able to say that we are a pioneer and innovative company which is Turkey’s highest fruit processor and which grows fruit on the widest lands.

On this journey we started to make Turkey’s biggest fruit growing and fruit juice producing project happen, we are trying to protect the life in a way to make supplying next generations’ needs and regional development possible by conserving the balance between human and nature and without consuming natural resources. As Anadolu Etap which has internationally recognized GlobalG.A.P and Good Agriculture Practice (which is valid in Turkey) certificates, we are doing controlled agriculture that is conscious of human, land and nature. We are keeping track of news in the world and making improvements to the existing practices with an innovative approach by making comparisons.

As the first agriculture company to put forth Sustainable Agriculture Principles, all our activities crystallize social, economic and environmental sustainability as our most important value. We fulfill our responsibility to next generations by investing in agriculture and agriculture based industries, preserving ecological balance and working with the slogan “healthy fruit for healthy generations.”